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SELinux is a set of extra security restrictions on top of the normal Linux security tools. It gives the systems administrator a finer grain of control than what the kernel typically provides. But SELinux can sometimes get in your way. For example, I have had typical services, such as Apache, appear to start up correctly, but remain inaccessible from the outside world because I forgot to allow

Aug 26, 2019 634386 – SELinux is preventing /sbin/ifconfig access to a

Changes since Webmin version 1.290

SELinux - Access Control (01) SELinux Operating Mode (02) SELinux Policy Type (03) SELinux Context (04) Change Boolean Values Webmin site is displayed, login with root account. [4] This is the main page of Webmin. It's possible to operate various things. [5] It's possible to change to your language by clicking [Webmin]-[Webmin Configuration SELinux security - NixPal | Server Software & Solutions Nov 07, 2014 How to install Webmin - Linux Centos 6.5 (old video) - YouTube Apr 17, 2020 Webmin bug, with SELinux in Permissive Mode