Disable DHCP on the PS3 and change the ip address to with a subnet mask of Disable the broadcasting of your wireless network's SSID (network name).

The device can not assign a static IP addresses and I am not sure if it is caused by DHCP in Windows 10 Pro. If your device fails to obtain an IP address with Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot, the current adapter may link with internet sharing function. You could try the method below to correct the linked thing and resolve the problem. Click on the Wireless icon in the taskbar to see the list of available networks (SSIDs). Select xfinitywifi from the list of available networks and click it. You will be prompted that you are connecting to an unsecured wireless network. Click Connect. Wait a few seconds while your computer acquires an IP address from the xfinitywifi network. Jul 15, 2009 · Q: I am trying to hook up a PS3 on my network. For some reason when I go though the setup it cannot obtain an IP address and I cannot figure out why. For some reason when I go though the setup it cannot obtain an IP address and I cannot figure out why. Feb 21, 2015 · I would have to know the IP address the PS4 is using. You can look that up by going to the main menu, settings, network, view connection status. Interrupted. Actually, the IP address will be on the view connection status screen right below the IP address settings and connection method. Probably wi-fi. Use the IP address allocated by the DHCP server. You can enter the DHCP server host name on the next screen. Manual: Set the IP address manually. You can enter values for the IP address, subnet mask, default router and primary and secondary DNS on the next screen. PPPoE: Connect to the Internet using PPPoE. basically when the attempt ot obtain times out, your ps3 cant obtain a lease to your router through dhcp, make sure you are letting the ps3 set itself up automatically and dhcp is enabled on your router. if you still have problems, get the ip from your router that the ps3 uses, and go in manually and set your ps3 up using that ip in connection settings. setting it up manually will work 99% of Jul 06, 2009 · A short guide on how to connect your Playstation 3 to the Internet through a wireless-enabled router. Setting PS3 IP Address - Duration: 2:17.

PS3 Picking up Wireless network but won't connect

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3.1. Wireless Specific Troubleshooting. Confirm that you can connect to your wireless network with your WEP or WPA security password. If you do not know how to operate or access your wireless modem, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the equipment directly. 3.2. Power Cycle Router Trouble obtaining IP address when connecting ps … - PS3