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Jul 20, 2020 · I am Full Stack developer; web App developer and I am seeking opportunities to show my skills and broaden my knowledge. I have over 7 Years of experience in building customized enterprise-level web applications.

Hi guys, I am looking for someone using any of the following apps on Android phone: LibreAlarm, DiaBox, Tomato (premium), DexCom app (patched), PocTech. I need to test the integration with G-Watch App. If you wanna help, please send me a PM. I will send you a link to test app with instructions how to test it. Samsung watch is not a requirement ‎07-22-2019 12:40 am I am looking for app suggestions to use for an always on home display. I have a few extra small TVs and older generation Rokus that I would like to set up as always on home displays that show things like time, temperature, appointments, news, etc.